Motoring Offences - Keeping You On The Road

Road traffic law is a complex and important area of the law. We have the knowledge to look at your case in detail and to exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution case, where appropriate.

We understand that retaining your driving licence can be crucial to your life and career. Road traffic law is an area for specialists, and our service to drivers in the Bournemouth and Dorset area is unrivalled.

We offer expert representation to motorists across Dorset. We meticulously assess each case for any procedural irregularities. Where it is not possible to avoid endorsement or disqualification in some cases, we will review the evidence thoroughly and emphasise any mitigating circumstances to the court seeking to reduce the severity of the sentence you receive.

With over two decades of experience in defending motorists, we believe that our services are amongst the very best, whether you are being prosecuted for driving with excess alcohol, being drunk in charge of a vehicle, failing to provide a specimen or any other drink driving related matter.

Disqualification and Endorsements - many defences and Special Reasons exist which can prevent points being endorsed or a ban being imposed. You may even be able to argue Exceptional Hardship in certain circumstances. To find out more call our team.

Dwayne Lewis heads up the department.