Our role in the Criminal Justice System

Renshaw Derrick comprises a team of defence lawyers qualified and capable of protecting your rights in the course of any investigation or prosecution.

Whether you are being interviewed by the police, HMRC, The Serious Fraud Office or local Trading Standards, for instance, we can advise you how to respond to questioning. Similarly, we have experience of defending all criminal Court matters, whether Magistrates Court, Youth Court or Crown Court, whether the prosecution is being brought by the CPS or the Fisheries Commission, for instance.

In experienced lawyer and grave crimes specialist, Dwayne Lewis, we have experience of the most serious and high profile matters, with access to and strong relationships with the best barristers. His partner Ronnie Broit has a similar profile.

Ronnie Broit has many years of experience in dealing with local police forces and there is no adviser with greater knowledge and insight in supporting detainees at police stations in Bournemouth and Dorset.

We have a strong and committed team, and our service has no equal in Bournemouth and Dorset. There are individuals in the county who offer defence services, but there is no team of lawyers with our collective ability and will to succeed.