Why would a shotgun licence be revoked?

Shotguns are often valued for recreational shooting, sports and even pest control. However, owning a shotgun comes with a lot of responsibility, and individuals must have a shotgun license to use one. The application process for obtaining a shotgun license is complex and rigorous, and the license can be revoked in certain situations.

Here, we discuss the reasons for which a shotgun may be revoked, what that process looks like, how to appeal a shotgun revocation and finally, how our specialist team of criminal law solicitors can support you.

What can cause a shotgun licence to be revoked?

Owning and using a shotgun comes with a high level of responsibility and authorities are always monitoring those who own shotgun licenses to make sure that they are fit to do so. Therefore, there are many reasons for a shotgun license being revoked, including:

Criminal Convictions

The most common reason for revoking a shotgun license would be for the licensee to obtain a criminal conviction or show a history of criminal activity. This would warrant the revocation of their license as they would then not be deemed responsible or safe enough to own a shotgun.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence-related incidents would likely result in a revocation of the owner’s shotgun license, especially if there is a prior history of violence, or if they are subject to any restraining orders. This is because such individuals are typically considered unsuitable to handle a shotgun.

Mental Health Concerns

To own and operate a shotgun requires the owner to be completely emotionally and mentally stable. Should the individual present any symptoms or have a history of severe mental illness, the shotgun license will likely be revoked to prevent harm from happening to themselves or others.

Safety Concerns

If the owner is not storing their shotgun according to legal standards, including proper storage and handling, their license may be revoked by the relevant authorities.

For more information on how a shotgun should be securely stored, please read our dedicated blog post.

Drug and Alcohol Issues

Should the individual be found to have any alcohol or drug dependency, their license can be revoked as they will not be considered competent enough to own a shotgun.

National Security and Terrorism concerns

If the individual is found to have any connection to terrorism or extremist activity, this can lead to an immediate revocation of their shotgun license, as well as any other weapons they may have access to.

How does the revocation process work?

The first step of the shotgun revocation process consists of an initial investigation which is carried about by the police or relevant authority involved. This investigation will centre around assessing the individual’s circumstances and will include interviews with the license holder, background checks and a detailed evaluation.

Once this investigation is complete, a decision will be made by the relevant authorities based on the findings of the investigation. If they decide to revoke the shotgun license, the owner will be notified formally, meaning that they will be required to surrender any shotguns and ammunition to the authorities. If they refuse, there can potentially be criminal charges against them.

Can you appeal a shotgun licence revocation?

Any individual who has had their shotgun revoked has the right to appeal.

If the individual wishes to do so, they will have to go through the appeals process in which they will present their case with any supporting evidence. If their appeal is unsuccessful, they will again be informed that their shotgun license has been revoked.

What is the process for appealing a shotgun licence?

To appeal a shotgun license revocation, you must submit the appeal within 21 days of receiving the revocation notice. This appeal should be sent to your local Crown Court and a copy should also be sent to the decision maker via the relevant authorities.

This notice of appeal does not need to include specific details or any supporting evidence for your appeal. This can all be done at a later date agreed with the Court.

Our solicitors at Renshaw Derrick have specialised expertise in this niche area of the law and would be more than happy to assist you with reviewing any evidence presented on behalf of the police, but also in building you a robust case to help you appeal your license revocation. We will be able to handle all of the paperwork and documentation required for your appeal and support you through the entire process.

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